Couple Arrested For Filming Women In Toilet



Police on last Sunday had arrested an elementary school teacher, along with his wife under the suspicion of violation of the Kawasaki’s Prefecture’s public nuisance prevention ordinance (wow, that’s a long name) as the couple were caught filming videos in a female toilet.

According to the Police, it is said the couple, Noriyoshi Sano, 44, and his wife Naoko, 42, had admitted to the charges, and the reason for their activity was because it was “fun as a couple” and they had been doing it for the past five years.

The couple’s plan can be considered unique in a sense. The couple would install a camera in the toilet paper roll, then the wife would control the camera’s movement in the next stall of the rigged stall to film it in secret. However, their plan failed as a 43 years old woman happened to spot the camera, caught the wife and then reported to the police about the incident.

Via: JapanToday.

But really, filming women in toilets is fun? There’s lots of other ways of having fun, such as playing H.A.V.E Online instead of filming other people doing their businesses in toilets!

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