Customize and Build Your Own, Real, Movable and Actual Gigantic Mech!

With Kuratas, you can do it! …With a hefty price, of course.

Starting at almost USD$1.3 million, Japanese company Suidobashi will build your dream robot with a wide variety of accessories that you can put on it! Gatling guns, communication systems, even a shield if you want, all at the expense of adding more money onto the already expensive robot that is able to run around on the streets. And oh, you can even customize the painting of your mech.

Yes, the mech is actually fully capable of moving around the streets, thanks to the 4 wheels that it has. As demonstrated in the video, one could literally drive this bad-boy around the streets at a top-speed of 10km/h, making a big scene with all that weapons (not real ones, just so that you know) that is decked out on the machine itself. On the other hand, the mech is not entirely designed to be the safest of things to be inside, so it might still cause some discomfort while it’s moving. The engine’s diesel fueled, just so that you know.

Other features includes iPhone compatibility and most importantly, a “smile and fire” kind of functionality which I’m sure many would love. Smile and your “enemies” are gone. Ingenious!

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