Darker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini’s Promotional Video Streamed!


Not exactly Darker Than Black, but you get the idea.

Can’t wait for the second season? You can start getting your fix little by little as the trailer for the second season of Darker Than Black has been released on the web.

You shouldn’t expect much though, since it’s only a 15- seconds (yes, miserable, i know) promotional video that doesn’t contain enough for anyone to get enough of it. You can find the miserable-15-seconds trailer here, in case you’re wondering.

The second season of Darker Than Black will be animated by the same studio, Bones, as the story continues the adventure of main characters Hei and Yin on the run as they encounter a Russian-Japanese girl named Suō Pavlichenko.

The staff working on the second season is largely unchanged, as majority of the staffers that worked on the first season are making a return to work on the second season.

Darker Than Black is one of the many upcoming animes that will be hitting our television sets this October.

And also, maybe as way of compenstation for such a long promotional video, the website has also included a promotional wallpaper of sorts that is available in three different sizes. Check it out if it interests you.


Commenter Steve had said that there’s more content on the second series if you visit this link. Thanks Steve!

Via: ANN.

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