Day 3 of Namco Teaser: …Tekken?

Day 3 and Namco Bandai still shows no sign of what they are actually teasing. The already distorted image has now evolved into something even more ridiculous, with people speculating Tekken as one of the titles being teased on the teaser site.

Of course, there’s still the Tales speculation going on, some are skeptical about the actual game that Namco Bandai is teasing. With such an obvious “T” that comes uniquely from “Tekken” series, some are actually saying Namco Bandai is doing a double teaser, with both Tekken and Tales of Graces F!

One interesting thing about this whole teaser thing is that all of the teaser images are named after fruits. The first was called apple, followed by blueberry on the second day, and finally grape on the third day. Maybe someone could make out something from all of these.

For those who aren’t so mystery inclined, we might just have to wait till the 2nd of February to know what Namco Bandai is actually up to!

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