Dead Rising Set To Replace Resident Evil

Brings a whole new meaning to “guitar smash”.

Keiji Inafune, the creator for both MegaMan and Dead Rising says that he has big plans for Dead Rising as a whole. According to the interview Eurogamer had held with Inafune, he says that the goal for Dead Rising is to “replace the Resident Evil franchise and become the number one IP within Capcom”. Pretty big goal there, Inafune!

Truth be told, Resident Evil is still not the number one IP in Capcom (Street Fighter is), but taking the crown of zombie-busting action away from Resident Evil is no small task. Considering the legacy of Resident Evil in comparison to Dead Rising, it’s difficult to say if Dead Rising will be overtaking Resident Evil anytime soon. For all it’s humour and action-packed zombie slaughter, Resident Evil makes it for it with the sheer excitement and anticipation that exists in it’s older games. Yes, I know, the Resident Evil games of these days aren’t as good as they are back then.

While taking over Resident Evil might be a massive task for Inafune, it looks like the whole goal is one of his motivation aspect too. “Unless you have a big goal to strive for, you can’t create a good game. Therefore, if the Dead Rising franchise takes over the Resident Evil franchise, a new game I come up with will obviously strive to go over Dead Rising. That’s the goal I set out for any title I decide to create.”

If that’s the case, I would really wonder what kind of a game Inafune would come up after Dead Rising does take over Resident Evil!


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