Design your own Vocaloid for Yamaha!

I just got a copy of Rin’s Append Series, and boy, it is hard to use…

This is pretty much an old news, considering that it came out two days ago. But whatever, I guess this is good enough for me announce my temporary freedom from hardship and never ending path of despair in life. Everyone should agree that school sucks and exams are retarded.

This time round, VocaFes is collaborating with Yamaha, asking people to design a vocaloid for Yamaha’s next vocaloid scheduled to be released by the end of the year. (Or earlier, after a scheduled preview of said design during Summer or Fall) According to VocaFes, anyone can join, even if you are of other nationality. You can start designing now and submit your application between February 25th to April 24th.

Of course, I am intending to join as well. My drawing ability, however, are equivalent to the horrors within the bowels of the internet so I see how it goes. In any case, I know many people are saying “We need more guys in the vocaloid team!”, so I am like “Screw you, we need more gurls D;<". If you aren't designing a female vocaloid, don't let me catch you in some dark alleyway. Design Specifications and Details here. (Use Google Translate, damnit! Or learn Japanese, either one!)

PS : It also seems like Nico Nico Douga have their own Utauloid mascot. Some…Purple-Yuki like design.


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