Does Anyone Have Any Idea What This PS Vita Ad Could Mean?


Why can’t Sony be more straight-forward with all these advertisements? Man, that means we’re playing a guessing game now.

I get the idea why 17.12 was flashed on the screen. Well yes, that’s the date which the PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan, but that is only the beginning. The others? I can’t tell you much for I do not have a full understanding of it. All I saw was a person cycling on a bicycle(no idea on this, anyone?)

Next up are the words ゲームの未来が変わる, which is “The future of games will change”.From this, we can tell that certainly, the PlayStation Vita will change the future video games, that is what you can expect(I guess) from it.

Still, if you add it all up… it doesn’t really make any sense does it? Maybe the cycling part was talking about how fast the future(seeing that it was obviously not relaxed cycling) of video games will change? It still doesn’t really make sense though.



PS: I hate guessing.

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