[Domo Arigatou] The 500k Mark Is Sighted!

A celebration hosted by Youhei? Excellent idea!

Artwork by: 音(絵油紙) @ Pivix.

Somehow or another, history repeats itself. I don’t know if it’s a bad habit of mine, but it seems like I’ll always jump back into MMORPGs whenever I’m a holiday! To make things worst, it’s always during the period when NC hits a particular goal in the stats department!

It has indeed been a pretty long time since the last stats celebration post (200k in Oct 2009) and it took roughly the same amount of time for us to hit a solid 500k in April 2010. A little improvement over the past few months and partly thanks to some mega-sites out there, such as HongFire for bringing in amazing amounts of visitors for one single post.

Currently, NotCliche stands at almost 1,300 posts in total, alongside with 2,400 different comments. NC has also recently celebrated it’s very own birthday on April Fool’s day (still pretty saddening) so I should really make it a point to do something every time April Fool’s comes around…

Of course, this whole stats celebration thingy is absolutely not possible without the reader’s supports. Be it being on your RSS Reader, your Bookmark or your Address Bar, the NotCliche Team would like to thank you for your support all these times.

On to the stats sections and it looks like FF13 is all the rage these days. Constant views and all about FF13 and stuffs like that, and next up is probably the OS-tan who know so well. Madobe Nanami has surprisingly brought a huge amount of hits, courtesy of a HongFire user who has kindly linked NotCliche as a “resource information” link in his post about the Win7 OS-tan late last year. Till this date, HongFire is still occasionally sending two or three visitors per day! Some Taiwan site has also sent mega-amounts of viewers to a particular One Piece post I’ve made…

Troubles had along the way, but here’s to the next milestone!

Artwork by: 幻想工務店 @ Pivix.

The whole year was not without trouble though. NotCliche went down briefly for a period of several days while the data center had a little move. For some reasons, problems just kept piling up and it took quite sometime to fix it. Valuable lessons learned back in that week and it should never happen again!

With the little celebration thing behind us now, it’s time to look into other posts and topics NotCliche will provide. I’ve got several content planned out, such as complete anime series reviews (instead of episodics, that really drains your energy) and game or MMORPG reviews on top of the usual news about certain games and animes.

Renako will continue to provide Vocaloid product related news, as well as several videos of Vocaloids.

Once again, the NotCliche Team would like to thank everyone for their support and may the one million mark be hit sometime soon!

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