[Domo Arigatou] The “Thank You 200K Hits” Post, And What’s Next?


I was intending to have a self-drawn 200k hits image, but my drawings would burn your eyes.

If it helps, I would like to direct half of your attention over to this particular video for it’s very awesome BGM. (don’t ask me why, I just found the theme awesome)

And now, while the video is rolling and you kicking back and relaxing on whatever chair you’re on, it’s time to celebrate 200k hits!

(and yeah, I think I should take sometime off from Ragnarok Online)

While NotCliche has existed for quite sometime (i won’t bore you with history facts), it hasn’t been exactly active until April this year. Yep, that totals up to about 6 months to get this far and if I may say so myself, quite impressive! (although nowhere as impressive as a certain someone who keeps saying that he sucks in terms of stats)

Currently, NotCliche stands at about… well, 800 posts alongside with 1,400-ish comments.

I’ll be frank with you. I have absolutely no talent in making troll, lulz or rage topics or whatsoever. So what the heck, here are some stats that the blog has racked up to lengthen the celebration.


NotCliche Rollercoaster. Open to all, totally FREE OF CHARGE.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. A wise man once told me that playing with Stats is just like playing with the stocks market. And stocks markets are usually related to roller coasters. Don’t ask me who is that, because I have no memory of whose that old man nor I’ve got any idea what roller coasters have to do with my above stats, but it looks fitting enough.

And yeah, I actually gave up making this chart look pretty, because no matter how much you look at it, it just reeks of fail somehow. Except for that last part! Just that!

Of course, all these hits have to come from somewhere, right? Majority of the hits came in from Anime Nano, an awesome feed aggregation site which I have yet to thank a million for. Maybe I should send sacks of rice over to the creator of the site as a way of thanks.


Yeah, that’s clearly more than 90% of the more recent hits.

Other than Anime Nano, there’s always the Google Search Engine. However, for some reasons or another, all the hits I’ve been getting from Google are people searching for images! What the heck, NotCliche is now an image source bank? There’s the Image Databank there for a reason, you know!

As of now, the most amount of hits NC has received in a day stands at 1,772 views on… 24th of May. Yeah, it’s probably because of that bloody Team Fortress 2 post that I’ve made.

And here’s some winners for the celebration:

Top Hits

Strangely enough, the top viewed post on NotCliche is not about anime or mangas. It’s about Team Fortress 2 and it’s previous update on the Spy and Sniper update. Getting the first spot of Top Hits is… well, tips and tricks on how to get your items through AFKing in TF2? Doh! (4,431 hits)

The second post that came extremely close is ASCII Art — Part 2. I don’t really know why Part 2 is the most popular out of the whole bunch (there’s actually Part 1 and Part 3), but hey, it seems that people love doing ASCII arts. (4,009 hits)

Top Commented

lulz, fail much here

One thing that I think I must be failing badly is probably the commenting section. I don’t know, but it’s probably the way I type or something like that. The most amount of comments ever in a single post goes to Suzumiya Haruhi with a total of 17 comments in a single post.

Pardon me, but I think I’m failing extremely badly in this section. Would you like to donate a comment to the NotCliche blog, pretty please? *sniffles*

Actually, I would post up the list of search terms that is used to get to NotCliche, but to the SOME technical (curses google images) problems, I’m not able to show what is used to get to the blog. However, you can rest assured that some of these terms actually links to grand… uhh… mother… uhhhhh… pr0n. And you thought that loli searching was bad.

Yeah. Don’t ask me why, because I’ve got no idea how it happened.


Okay, I’m sure you guys are done and over with the stats section. It’s boring, I know. Who the heck loves to look at numbers anyway?!

So, what’s next?

For starters…

Minus the anonymous part. Yeah!

Okay, I kid on that. I just had to make that reference somehow, because Seitokai no Ichizon is awesome.

So, what can you expect from NotCliche in the near future? Maybe a bigger variety of content? I don’t really know. Since a whole bunch of people here are rather busy at the moment, there isn’t really going to be a big variety of content. That’s only that much one person can do, you know.

However, you can be sure that once the other team mates are done with their matters, they will be back with more content than ever. More recently, Ziddy had started on his series of “Ridiculous Moments in Gaming“, while Kurohagane is somewhat continuing his “LBW Moon“. I ain’t so sure about the others, but hell, they will come up with something nice for all of you, I’m sure.

Of course, me on the other hand will strive towards:

  • More informative content.
  • More blog contacts? Been ages since I last visited someone’s blog… damn you Ragnarok Online!
  • More lulz post?
  • <insert suggestion here, i ran out of them>

Speaking of team mates, there’s actually quite an amount of new additions to the NotCliche Network. You can find their links at the footer at the bottom of the blog. I’ll do a detailed introduction of each and every of their blog sometime later, so keep a lookout for that!

Now, as the lights starts to dim down and the crowd starts to leave the page because they find a wall of text unappealing, here’s another toast to 200k hits! Next celebration on the 400k mark!


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