DOTA 2 Officially Announced By Valve

That’s right, that’s the “new” Bloodseeker of the game.

Valve, with it’s long running history of creating first person shooter game has recently announced that their upcoming game project is a sequel to the extremely popular Warcraft 3 map: Defense of the Ancients.

The existence of DOTA2 shouldn’t come as a surprise for many, especially for hardcore fans of the game as IceFrog, the supposed creator for DOTA in Warcraft 3 had mentioned a couple of times regarding himself leading a team of developers in Valve to create some sort of game, although no confirmation was given by both the company and the developers.

Armed with new technology and a team of developers, IceFrog is developing the game based off Valve’s extremely versatile and powerful Source Engine, the engine which powers a majority of Valve’s own games such as Portal, Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. The game was officially revealed by GameInformer, who mentions that the game is amazing, even the early stage of the game.

DOTA 2 will combine the best of DOTA and integrate it with more feature and better technologies. The 100+ heroes that made DOTA so diverse and popular will also be appearing in the game, revised with more detailed and unique models, as opposed to how DOTA was limited to stock models that was created by Blizzard.

And that’s how Morphling looks like.

Another thing that Valve is proud to introduce: the coaching system. While DOTA is a simple game to pick up, being able to score countless kills and turn up to be the MvP of the game is extremely difficult. The coaching system will allow a more experienced player to coach a newbie player, teaching him/her the ropes of the game before they jump into the fray.

DOTA 2 is strictly a multi-player only game, and there’s no word if the game is provided free of charge or anything of sorts. Looking back, Alien Swarm was an excellent game which was provided free of charge, so DOTA 2 might get the same treatment too.

DOTA 2 is slated for release in 2011. No exact date was given.

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