Doujinshi Created Regarding Bill 156

Cover to the manga itself.

With the passing of the Bill 156 and all, there’s not much any opposition can do right now, but to express their concerns and views via all sorts of mediums. Working on a collaboration, manga artist Takeshi Nogami, anime writer Takaaki Suzuki and translator Dan Kanemitsu are publishing a doujinshi regarding the recently passed Bill 156.

While the exact contents of the doujinshi is yet to be known to the public yet, a general outline of the entire doujinshi would allow readers to understand the rationale behind the massive opposition against the passing of Bill 156. The doujinshi is titled as “Even a Monkey Can Understand the Opposition to Tokyo’s Ordinance“.

For the uninformed, the passing of Bill 156 (also known as the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Amendment, or non-existent youths) would require the manga and anime industry regulate itself on tougher laws about “harmful publications”, as well as allow the government to intervene directly into the industry’s products.

Employing a variety of art styles, the doujinshi aims to educate the general public about the opposition of Bill 156, and to “creatively interpret the motivations behind why Bill 156 was so adamantly advocated by the Governor and his allies“.

The doujinshi would be made available to the general public starting Comiket 79 (which starts on 29th December) and will also be available through Amazon Japan. An English version would also be made available to the international audience via Amazon similarly.

If you’re interested in more pages of the “translated” Bill 156 manga, you might want to drop by Dan’s own homepage and have a little look see. You won’t regret it!

[Dan Kanemitsu Blog]


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