Dragonica Open Beta: Thoughts and Impressions

Dragonica’s Open Beta started not long ago, and after much persuasion from friends I decided to give it a try. Here are some of my own thoughts and impressions of the game after about 2 hours playing it last night…

To be completely honest, I was kinda looking forward to the game. Despite looking like a 3D MapleStory, it seemed to have more depth (pun intended) and more options rather than stupid spamming of a few buttons aimlessly to level.

I am disappoint. Learn why after the jump.

Although “brainless grinding” is not a completely accurate way to describe Dragonica (unlike the aforementioned MapleStory), Dragonica has the exact same combat system as MS: repeated spamming of a few keyboard buttons. It does literally have more depth than MS though, as you can not only move left/right, you can move up/down. One innovation that makes it slightly better is the combo system. The best way to describe this is that it  plays like a Fighting game; you do a ground combo into an air combo and knockdown the target, land, relaunch, repeat. While different, it still does become repetitive after awhile.

The low-level quests are standard “Kill XX number of mobs and come back for a reward” or “Collect XX number of items and come back for a reward” kinds, nothing significantly different from generic MMO quests. There are, however, Missions that one can do with one’s friends or pick-me-up parties; basically, the game’s version of instances.

There is also a PvP system in place already. I believe there is a seperate zone in Dragonica for PvP, but I haven’t tested it out myself.

All in all, Dragonica is just another MMO out there, like the other god knows how many more other generic MMOs in the market now. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this (note: its run by IAHgames, infamous for what many call “poor management”, so that’s another minus point) but if you enjoyed Maple, you will probably find this interesting. Me? I’m going back to Botnado Lagspada Granado Espada.

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