E3 2011: Sony Introduces Playstation TV

As if their BRAVIA-series of televisions aren’t enough, Sony has recently announced their upcoming entry-level 3D enabled TV designed specifically for the Playstation during E3 2011.

The 24-inch Playstation TV — which is aimed towards giving people affordable access into the 3D world — is priced at a reasonable price (USD$499 together with the 3D glasses) and comes with an extremely neat feature which is set to change how people think about co-op on the same console: players can now see “full-screen” even in split screen co-op.

The announcement of the Playstation TV ended with thunderous applause, more or less a sign of it’s “epicness” and “thoughtfulness” on Sony’s side. Now players can play their games in 3D, and still allow them to play split-screen co-op without having any downsides. Gone are the days where two friends would be confused as to which “screen” is theirs!

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