Edgeworth Faces Off With Female Judge In Investigations 2

While Ace Attorney: Investigations 2 had been announced sometime ago, the details regarding the game is still shrouded in mystery. Although initial scans had shown the introduction of a “chess system” of some sorts, several details such as plot and characters weren’t revealed at all. Well, with Investigations 2 being formally announced and revealed in TGS, more details such as new characters and system are revealed!

As part of the “Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Tokyo Game Show Special Court 2010” event, producer Motohide Eshiro and director Takeshi Yamazaki took sometime on the stage to explain the new game mechanics to the press on Sunday.

One of the newest addition to the game is the involvement of “chess pieces”, called Logic Chess in the game. Simulating what a real chess game would look like at certain points of the game, you can probably think this as some kind of Psylock equivalent from Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright. Despite it’s chess-like look, producer Eshiro has assured that you can play the game without any knowledge of chess: the chess are just for visual styling. It all fits, seeing Edgeworth is a massive fan of Chess games anyway!

Another interesting bit is the introduction of yet another judge into the game, although this judge is a female instead of the usual old brothers. Called the “god of law”, Hakari Mikagami will be introduced as the new judge of the game (also a rival for Edgeworth) who’s personality is described as “very tough on the law”. And no, she’s not old-looking at all!

Several familiar faces from the previous Ace Attorney games will also make an appearance in the game. New characters are also included (like how Investigations 1 added Kay), but you’ll probably see a couple of familiar characters from the previous games too.

The stage event has also revealed a trailer for Investigations 2. The trailer encompasses most of the details shown during the stage event, so if you’re better off looking at motion pictures, then you should probably check out the trailer.

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