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And now for the 1st post done by me which got horribly delayed due to Left 4 Dead, Youtube, DS, work. I am starting to blog as I find myself having a horribly short attention span and hope that starting a blog would lengthen it. The aim is to try and update at least once in 3 days and I sure hope I don’t fail again lol. For the very 1st post I’m going to talk about the education system in Singapore. I am going to start giving mathematics and science tuition to a kid who was taken care of by my godmother and just recently received her primary 4 textbooks and workbooks. And boy was I shocked by what I saw in the plastic bag. There was a whopping total of 14 books in there! Even dividing it by 2 to account for the workbooks amounted to a total of 7 textbooks. So I took it out and saw this.

Lots of science books!

The science books were split into 5, of which includes energy, interactions, cycles, systems and diversity. Is that really necessary? I remember the days where the science of one year consists of part A and B and the attached workbooks. Even considering that these books are used for primary 3 and 4 makes it 2 books more than what it was. Is this really efficient? In my personal opinion, with this amount of books, it might confuse the students more. Since from what I know, most of these topics are not grouped in the normal way such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and this way of grouping has several portions which has them intersecting each other.

This was roughly how i looked when I saw the amount of books

Wouldn’t the students get confused by any topic that seemed that it would belong in another group too? I do understand that primary school students have rather low attention span and thus grouping the topics into interesting sounding groups would probably allow them to pay more attention. But honestly I don’t remember being bored of science when I was in primary school. Probably because my parents nudged me towards being interested in science at an early age, what with a full set of Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge. Still, I am baffled by the groups even though I am I have since studied more of science. The amount of books is more than some of my manga series.

These series have less books each. (Hellsing has 10 but I haven’t got the 10th volume yet XD)

Let’s not talk too much about the amount of books. After flipping through some of the workbooks to see how she has done in the past year, I was rather shocked to see some rather interesting mistakes being marked as correct by the teacher. For example in the picture below, under living things, there is magocheen, pummelo and coffe. What took the cake was Dragon’s eyes. What The Hell is Dragon’s eyes, can anyone enlighten me? I do believe it’s referring to longan, which when written in chinese is literally dragon’s eyes. But why is it even marked as correct?? After abit of questioning, it was revealed that the class was guided by the teacher to write the list. Now this brings to question the credibility of the teacher. Teachers should guide their students on the correct path, and even any normal human who has learnt how to read and write will know that what was taught is wrong. And here’s a list of atrocious things the very same teacher has done: Throw student’s bag out of the classroom after catching them talking in class, kicking students who do not sit properly, picking up the phone in the middle of class and threatening to change the student’s class to ‘lousier’ classes if they pissed him off. It baffles me that such a teacher is even allowed to teach. And he has taught them for a year already.

Spot the mistakes

Reading through the science syllabus provided on the ministry of education website, I found this image which was the general direction science was to be for primary school students. With science as an inquiry, it seems to be a rather solid direction for the students to head to but it is definitely not achievable with incompetent teachers such as the one mentioned above. I heard that next year a change of teaching staff will be brought about and sincerely hope that the teacher in question has changed for the better, or else, be made to stop teaching and lose his livelihood in this horrible economy.

Looks as if the Tri-force is part of the core too XD

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