Eee PC: Hacker’s Delight: Don’t Miss Messages, Tweets Or Mails!


Alert, alert! You’ve received a new mail!

Eee PC is probably one of the smallest netbooks around the world, and this also means a couple of things. It is extremely portable, thus allows you have chat, IM, IRC on the go as and when you like, but at the costs of several luxuries that you would find in laptops these days.

So, without these luxuries, some of the modders (or hackers some would say) placed some tasks upon themselves to come up with several add-ons — only should be attempted by professionals — for their netbook. Some of these modifications results in an additional trackball for the Eee PC’s small touchpad, more RAM, Bluetooth capabilities, additional USB hubs… you know, all the other stuffs.

However, in a fast moving world like ours, news on twitter can come and go in a matter of seconds, that’s why people should know if there’s a new tweet.

Instant Messages are called instant for a reason, that’s why people should know if they have a received a new message at anytime.

Some E-mails are high priority E-mails, that’s why people should know if they have received a new mail at anytime.

Therefore, to allow users to know when they have received either a tweet, IM or even E-mail, a particular modder called justBlair have somehow gotten up a pretty cool device that will inform you if either of the conditions mentioned above are true.

All it takes is a little LED to tell you if you’ve received anything, and from then on, you won’t miss a single tweet, e-mail or even instant message. Now you won’t miss out all the conspiracy drama that is happening in the twitter world. Who knows, you might just find some inspiration if you manage to follow the right people!

Of course, making this is by no means small feat. Opening your Eee PC to install all of these is rather tricky. However, if you must, you can read up on this article and enlighten yourself!

Via: Engadget.

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