Elderly man in Fukuoka attempted murder in retirement home

Some old relics are remembered for all times to come…

An elderly man was arrested yesterday in Yanagawa City in the Fukuoka Prefecture after he stabbed three other fellow old grandies residents. Sadly, Luckily, the victims did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Osamu Tomozoe, ripen-age of 69, stabbed fellow residents of age between 70 and 81 with a paring knife. They were stabbed in the back and stomach. Apparently, this old guy must have already lost his touch for failing at something that would have been relatively easy…

He most likely have more strength and stamina than his older victims. The old grandpa was quoted to have stab the three with intentions to kill due to brewing troubles that occurred between them by the police. I guess nasty old people get nastier over time unless properly spanked when they were younger, eh?



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