Eroge AngelRing Includes Revolutionary Twitter

You know Twitter? Yeah, that twitter that people uses around the world these days. With the immense popularity and usage of Twitter these days, eroge developer MOONSTONE has came about the idea of introducing tweeting to their upcoming game: AngelRing.

While this is certainly to raise some eyebrows regarding the validity of twitter in an eroge, there’s definitely benefits if players could share their experiences while playing the game. It’s good marketing if you think about it! Not only that, players could share their opinions on certain scenes and stuffs like that.

MOONSTONE mentions that players could tweet their current scene to others via the game’s inbuilt twitter client. Another function of the twitter client allows the player to playback a scene that is tweeted by another person. Yet another function allows player to playback the dialogue of the scene tweeted by yet another player. Basically, players who plays AngelRing can “set points” around the game, so others could visit these “points” to check them out.

MOONSTONE has several planned features too. One of them is showing a list of tweets on the scene the player is currently on. This way, players can see other’s opinions and maybe there’s even the possibility of a twitter-walkthrough!

You can find more screenshots of the functionalities, as well as the game itself in the Akibalog blog link below.

The whole idea isn’t too bad, until you consider the other side of the picture. Tweeting an eroge scene (or whatever the player is doing) doesn’t sound like an extremely good idea to me…

Via: Siliconera & Canned Dogs & Akibablog.


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