Even Xbox 360 Has Their Own Wacky Japanese Campaigns

Despite the poor performance of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console in Japan, it looks like Microsoft is still not letting up on the fight!

As many would have remembered, when the PS3 Slim first came out, it was accompanied with a ton of extremely nonsensical and non-related commercials. Well, it looks like the Xbox 360 is also picking this kind of trend, as their latest campaign features a 3-man team called the “Xbox Special Mission Team”!

By now, the news of Monster Hunter going to the Xbox 360 should not be news to many people now. But how exactly did Monster Hunter land itself onto Microsoft’s platform? The answer is pretty easy: Xbox Special Mission Team literally went to visit a monster from the game and had it sign a contract!

The “Xbox Special Mission Team” is actually a campaign for Microsoft to re-promote their console with several exclusives that would be revealed slowly. On the official web page, it looks like there’s several more games (about three more) that are unrevealed as of now, and we can probably that each title will be accompanied with a funky video like the one with Monster Hunter.

Even if San Roku Maru (that 360 head guy) isn’t exactly real, it’s actually pretty cool that they thought up of this campaign. You can’t deny that the whole contract process was pretty funny!


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