Evony Promises With Less Ridiculous & Sexual Advertisements

Yeah, you might have seen variants of these advertisements too…

If you’ve been surfing the web regularly, chances is that you’ll probably stumble upon some sexy advertisement with the word Evony on it. Starting off as a regular web-based game that allows you to control kingdoms are all (don’t ask  me, the game says so!), Evony started slowly evolving into some weird sex riddled advertising game that… well, disgusted some people.

If you’ve not heard about the whole Evony thing, you might want to drop by this particular article and read up a little on it.

Well, apparently, Evony’s creators have decided that they should start to move off from their so-called effective advertisement methods to something more related to the game itself, as said in a statement.

“Moving forward – based on community feedback as well as an in-depth look at advertising effectiveness – we are employing an ad campaign that focuses on the gameplay and features of Evony: Age II.”

“While we cannot say with certainty that we will no longer feature less family friendly ads aimed at the appropriate audience, we will work hard to ensure the content is presented in a positive manner that is distinctly tied to the features and experience of the game we’re advertising.”

Why change something that’s so effective at drawing 11 million (as stated in the advertisement, although i’m pretty sure it’s lower than 11 million) players into the game, right? So instead of photos of real life women in their undergarments doing sexy poses with Evony’s logo on it, we’re gonna get some in-game shot of sexy females? Wow, Evony never fails to impress!

Via: Kotaku.

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