Expect A PS3 Slim Sale Surge


Increasing the success of the PS3 Slim even further will definitely be the game Final Fantasy 13 when it finally comes out for the PS3. According to Enterbrain, the publisher for the popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, they believe that once FF13 comes out into the Japanese market, there would be around a surge of units sold till the year’s end, bringing the total amount of units being sold to about 500,000.

This, of course, is speculation as of now, but no one can deny how successful the PS3 Slim has been up to now, no thanks to some advertisement that you may have seen with regards to promoting the console itself.

For the record, the PS3 Slim has reached about 150,000 consoles sold last week in Japan, which is the biggest amount of sales ever garnered by the PS3 series. The UK has also seen an incredible increase of consoles sold, as far as going up by 1000%, although the actual numbers aren’t exactly impressive (e.g 40 consoles to 40,000 consoles).

Why the sudden surge due to the FF13? Square Enix is planning to bundle the game together with the PS3 Slim console in a special bundle which is supposedly to be one of the more anticipated timing for many people to grab their PS3 Slim. Of course, the PS3 Slim isn’t just about FF13, the inclusion of the Blu-Ray player may be a factor for people to grab their PS3 Slim, as it’s one of the cheaper alternatives for a reader. Plus, the Blu-Ray versions of several animes series generally does better than their DVD counterpart, so we just might really see a sharp increase in the amount of PS3 sales very soon.

Via: Andriasang.

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