Expect the taste of Osaka Maids in Taiwan!


Is this…The taste of Osaka’s Maids?!

Maid Cafes, Butler Cafes…They are all known as Cosplay restaurant and are available worldwide where usually normal, above average people dress up as maids, butlers or mascots to serve the restaurants’ customers, whom are usually known as masters or mistresses. Cosplay restaurants are pretty popular in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Canada other than Japan itself.

But the best Maid Cafe is still those from Japan. Seven waitresses of such cafes will be visiting Taiwan for a Holy Economical Mission.

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These waitresses will be in miniskirts and aprons as they leave Osaka towards Taiwan on Friday, in a bid to attract more tourists to visit Osaka, which is widely known as the Japan’s Nation Kitchen due to rich variety of food found there.

As for what they would be doing in Taiwan, Miss Manae Miura told the send-off event in Kansai International Airport that they would be dancing and singing their best so as to promote Japanese pop culture, which is already quite rooted in Taiwan.

The seven maids are from cafes in Osaka’s Nipponbashi district, which is north of Osaka. Other than the performances they would be doing, the event includes animated films, comics and as well as an exchange programme with Taiwan’s Maid Cafes. They would be staying till Sunday, before returning to Japan.

Seriously speaking though, I would like to say that the main motive of this event is not to attract tourist to Osaka, but rather to strongly promote anime and mangas in Taiwan, which up till now, is quite a large sum of revenue for Japan Entertainment Industries.

On a side note, the obligatory image for the topic is indeed to destroy your images on Maids. *Evil Laughters*

Oh wait, some of you are more interested in Maids like that…

Source: JapanToday.

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