Fan-translation VN Projects Under Heat From Eroge Companies

Ever since the whole Rapely incident, a lot of these fan-translated projects, eroge outside of Japan and all the other stuffs with both the eroge companies and foreign consumers having some sort of war between each other. Encubed reports that in wake of the massive amounts of cease and desist letters that TLwiki (a wiki to check translation progress on VNs) is getting, TLwiki had decided to start banning Japanese IPs from entering their site; a move that Japanese eroge companies had previously done too.

TLwiki is the central point for many VN translation projects. Being a central point, it’s probably one of the more visited page about upcoming fan-translations of many VNs and this has come to the attention several Japanese companies who had developed these fan-translated eroges. According to sources, it is said that other than minori, CUFFS and Gungnir, there were three other companies who had sent C&D requests to TLWiki. TLWiki has not made an announcement regarding the C&D requests at all.

TLwiki had experience takedown done by minori the other day, and that’s probably why they had decided to block out all Japanese IPs connecting to the site. Encubed has also presented a short list of the results when visiting several Japanese eroge company sites via a foreign IP. You can check out the list down here.

You can’t really blame TLwiki for going on the defensive. True, it is a collection of translation projects going on, but they don’t really host any of the projects that are on-going on the wiki itself. It’s just like a database of on-going projects, and TLwiki had said that they would comply with taking down of licensed VNs as long as the publisher or creator for the VN asks them so.

Another site, Anime Novel had also received a C&D request. Anime Novel didn’t mention anything about their response to the C&D request and they simply slapped a page with a countdown timer starting from 365 days. No one knows what it’s about, although there are speculations that Anime Novel is going underground with their VN translation projects. No one would really want all their translation efforts going to waste, don’t they?

However, it’s still pretty sad that it has to come to this. Fan-translated projects are perhaps one of the most effective ways to get companies to start a localization of their own game. While there are unwelcomed consequences when it comes to a completely translated VNs, you can’t really say that wouldn’t help to boost a particular series’s popularity.

Via: encubed.

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