Fancy Some… Gameboy Condom Pak?

Yes, it’s strange, I know! Called the “Play” campaign, this particular Gameboy-box is loaded with lots of Gameboy-Paks which holds… condoms. Featuring a variety of rubbers in the variety of Paks, each Pak is represented by spoofs of popular Gameboy games while giving the would-be user a general idea of what they should expect while using it.

  • Ribbed – The Long End of Zelda
  • Heat – Dong
  • Tingle – Bone Zone 2
  • Thin – Super Mario Land of Love
  • X Safe – Sextris
  • Large – Donkey Shlong

There’s even a manual for usage if you’re absolutely interested in the product. And yes, it features NFSW pixels. Like, real hardcore pixels in action!

Well, obviously this is some kind of personal project this Ben Marsh had came up with, although the idea is just… unique, in it’s own sense…

…I guess?

Via: TinyCartridge.

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