Final Fantasy 13-2 Progress Update

If you’ve followed E3 this year, then you’ve probably seen some of the features that are coming out with the game. The E3 demo of FF13-2 showcases a number of features of the game, such as a monster-assist system which allows players to put monsters out in the battle to help them, and a “Feral Link” system that allows party members to do unique “party” attacks.

The E3 demo also introduces us to the new character melee character called Noel, who will play a vital role in the upcoming game. There’s also some “cinematic action”, which is simply a “quick-time action”. The game also promises players with bigger and less linear maps to explore in and if the E3 trailer is of any indication, it’s actually shaping up to be quite a good looking game!

Other little bits of information comes from the recent coverage of FF13-2 in Jump magazine which mentioned that the game’s development is roughly 70% done and the Japanese version of FF13-2 is now adopting “Paradigm Shift” instead of the “Optima Change” which was used back in FF13.

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