Final Fantasy XIII’s Final Fantasy XIV Mysterious Code Revealed!


Lightning’s a little disappointed.

Still remember the article about FF13 having some sort of campaign code for FF14? It seems that the widely believed beta as campaign code was actually wrong.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the countless amount of Final Fantasies out there, FF13 is slated to be released in the next few months on the PS3 Platform. FF13 will be strictly an offline game, while FF14 is actually a MMORPG that will be released for both PS3 and the PC.

It was announced in Jump’s Magazine a little over a week ago that a mysterious campaign code will be bundled with FF13 itself. Details were extremely vague, and there had been talks about it being a beta code of some sorts that people could use to get into FF14 earlier. However, it seems that the campaign code isn’t something really big.

This week’s Famitsu provides more information with regards to the campaign code that Jump Magazine had mentioned about. The campaign code which will be coming with all pre-orders of FF13 is actually a “secret in-game item”. User will be required to enter this code at a special site of FF14 when the game officially launches. The identity of the item is yet to be known, and it is reported that this item will be time limited.

Those outside Japan, however, is not entitled to this campaign code… campaign. Sorry guys, it seems that only the Japanese will be able to get their hands on these codes. If you’re interested, you can drop by this link at FF14’s Official English Website to learn more about the game itself.

Via: Andriasang.

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