Formal Announcement: English Version Of Hatsune Miku

The official Facebook page for Hatsune Miku has recently been updated with a formal announcement of the upcoming English Vocaloid Project. As many would have known by now, Vocaloids aren’t exactly designed with singing English songs in mind, but with this particular project, having Vocaloids to sing in proper and accurate English isn’t much of a problem now.

A demo of the English version of Vocaloid will be shown at a later date. No other information was released, but you can definitely keep an eye out for more information on Miku’s own Facebook page!

♪Official information of English Miku♪
Regarding “English Miku” project, we’ve already done a brief recording last week.
Now we are checking the pronunciation etc. Those voices are very kawaii you should like them!
…I hope we’ll show you a demo soon.
But please understand it takes time.
I’ll keep you informed anything new for this project. Thanks for supporting us.

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