Gal Gun, the sensational “What?” Xbox 360 game of the year?


I personally don’t own a Xbox 360, neither do I intend to. But I was forced asked to write about this by you-know-who.

Gal Gun is a game by Init Creates, the company that developed the Mega Man Zero series. (I seriously don’t see the fun in these games, but whatever.)

Gal Gun is basically a shooter game, where a newbie angel by the name of Patako shot you through the heart with a cupid arrow. And now you, the main character, is more than likely a typical guy which the world doesn’t care about, had become the most charming bishounen ever to had existed in your neighborhood.

Seems like an nice idea. I mean, its one of the typical dreams guys like YOU had, aren’t I right? But of course, I am always correct. Shut up! No one cares about your opinion! D;< Anyway, it seems like there’s a catch to it. If the effect of the arrow ran out, you will stay ronery forever and ever.

So, you, playing as this particular overused archetype male character by the name of Tenzou, must find your true love in the school so as to avoid the ronery fate. But as you explore the evil abyss known as School, demonic spawns all the girls are trying to confess to you and hoard you for themselves! You, wanting to confess to your true love, must then shoot down them bunnies in heat with your manly and charming gaze as featured below!

Apparently, if you were to be put in a situation like this, you will stay true to your heart. Yes, that is are you dumb, dense or what? admirable! In any case, you wanted to confess to one of the four main heroine in this game, which I won’t bother putting up cause its a hassle. (This game might have been better, if you were also chased around by the male student body of the school with brooms and anything they can find. Then you are suppose to shoot them with your manly, charming gaze until they puke all over the floor)

Oh, did I mention this game includes tentacles?

Right…A mutated plant monster with one of the main heroine. Holy, I uploaded an image with one of them heroines! I hate you readers D; Especially when I am writing topics that aren’t vocaloid related.

In any case, those with a Xbox 360 and are ronery, as expected of all some of you, may consider taking up this game when it is out for the upskirts moments as well as the voice of the seiyuus hitting you up.

Note : Batteries not included.


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