Get Yourself Cleaned By A Gameboy Cartridge

You might wondering how do you exactly clean yourself with a game cartridge, much less a Gameboy cartridge, right? Well, Geeksoap has the answer for you as they have recently launched their new line up of novelty soaps that are shaped like your traditional Gameboy cartridges!

It’s not just Gameboy cartridges as you can also get your hands onto the NES and SNES cartridges too. They are significantly bigger than their Gameboy counterpart, so you probably expect to use a little longer than you would with a Gameboy cartridge. But who would really use such an item to clean themselves anyway? The soaps aren’t exactly cheap to buy these soaps anyway!

Novelty soaps, or soaps just shaped like a famous item, is seemingly gaining popularity. There’s lots of design available in the internet, ranging from movie-related soaps to gaming-related soaps, one would wonder when anime and manga will be integrated as part of this soap business!

Via: Kotaku.

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