Hands free when playing eroge? Try out the new device featured for Cross Days!


Remember the talk about how eroge makers want to involve the players themselves more in their games? 0verflow, creator of School Days and Cross Days have make it slightly closer to that feat with this device.

Want to know more? Read inside!

This device is called a SOM, whatever that means. It’s used to help players get off and the device is set to work with Cross Days. The SOM is to be connected via USB and according to 0verflow, the device move according the the mood in the eroge based on real time.

As for how it really works…I have no idea on how it works, neither can I use it so I shouldn’t really care. But for those very, very lonely out there, you may want to know about it by going to their main website.

Source : http://crossdays.0verflow.com/somcon.html

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