Happy 1st April; It’s NotCliche’s 3rd Birthday!

I swear, none of us here at NC wears this formal!

(not to mention that we’d probably suck at singing too.)

Artwork by: まどか @ Pixiv

With 2009 serving as a huge lesson for me regarding timezones, yes, it’s first April here in my timezone. Which means it’s also April’s Fools day. Which also means that it’s NotCliche’s 3rd Birthday!

I’ll be frank with you: I ain’t such a comedian, so if you’re thinking that some April’s Fools joke would come up during this day, then I would have to disappoint you! Now that I remember it, I should’ve changed the front page of NotCliche to match up the PSP game called “3rd Birthday”… oh well.

Yes, 1st April is the day where NotCliche “officially” started, in a sense. The first post on NotCliche had been posted on 1st April, and it wasn’t intentional at all! It just happened to slip my mind when I did that first post for the site… and here we are! The first of April is also the birthday of NotCliche!

Looking back though, you can probably see major changes in the post structure and content. There had been quite a few content shifts here and there, most of them changing between focusing on certain interests. I can’t say I’m exactly proud of the shifts that I’ve been making for the site, but amidst the changes between topics covered, there’s definitely one that would stay unchanged: anime and manga news.

Another thing worth looking back is probably the staffs/authors that we’ve got on NC. It started out with around 4 people, actually, but eventually dropped down to the 2.5 man team (Renako, IFreedom and me) as of now. It’s a little saddening, but as NC moves along, hopefully, there would be more content being created as I reach out to several parties who are interested in writing for NC.

2.5 man team, you ask? Well, IFreedom isn’t much of a writer (as of now) and he doesn’t exactly post with his own account and helps out with the photography during events: hence the 0.5 man label. Who knows, maybe he’ll get the other 0.5 someday!

For the better or the worse through (deja… vu?), while the 3rd Birthday of NotCliche is definitely something worth celebrating, the very fact that the first post is made on an April’s Fool day is kind of… eh… … …

*goes to a corner and draws circles*

P.S I knew I should’ve drawn an image for this…

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