Happy Birthday, GUMI!

Another year, another day of celebration and fun memories!

Happy Birthday 2011 for GUMI!

This year is just alright, if you ask me. Not too good, not too bad. Well, there are a few videos I liked, and so I am gonna show them all~! Also, just possibly, there are some good news regarding GUMI!

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First up is [Sing], made by TEMB. He is more of a GUMI user, and have made several vocaloid videos which I didn’t put in my list, so this is his first work that I really liked a lot. Although short, it sounds pretty much fantastic, and I think this is the best of all works released on GUMI’s birthday.

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This one was released a few days before her birthday. I did add it to my list when it first came out, but after noticing the tag, I decided to post it for now. The author is TakanonP/タカノンP, another GUMI-only artist which I just recently know about. (Sadly, I probably forget him/her in awhile >_>;) I think this is the best of all available videos, but we’ll see when those late celebration videos comes out.

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[Lonely Love] by shiun/シウン, whoever that is >_>; It was pretty alright, but the starting was kinda boring. It was only when it reach the middle then did I start liking it. I ponder for awhile before adding this to my list, so…Yeah.

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Remember [Suki da yo☆SpringSpecialVersion] by gingahoumenP/銀河方面P? Well, this is the GUMI version of it by the same artist. For those who didn’t know about it, just know the it is a song with a cuteness rating of 7/10. I think that pretty much explain everything. It is like, you know, the ultimate truth of the universe or some hippy shit!

Also, there are some rumors on 2chan (Lurk moar!) that GUMI might be the first second generation Vocaloid to receive an immediate update for Vocaloid 3 engine. It is only speculation for now at best, but who knows? They do claim that there are some truth in rumors…But whatever.

And well, at the time of writing, it is nearing 12:09am. I guess that will be all…For now. We will have more news coming up, just wait for it. And no, I won’t write stuff on cosplay, stop asking! They are all fugly!

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