Happy Birthday, Miku!

You’re three years old now!

Alright, I am a little late, reaching 1st September, but you can only half-blame me! There are way too many videos this year, and having to listen to each and everyone of them took a lot of time. (Subsequently, M’sia fags can burn somewhere else…)

Anyway, NotCliche (Mainly, me.) wish you a happy birthday!

In any case, I handpick five videos out of the various list. Actually, I was hoping for more Append Miku, but there’s only three of them that caught my interest. There were a few others which you guys might like, but I find them too techno to be used for a birthday. (That’s just me =X)


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First up, Color by yuxuki.

This song was made using Append Dark, and it sounds pretty good. It is a pretty moody song about the color that exist in the world, colors everywhere! Yuxuki is better know for her older work, [Last Scene], which was quite a hit amongst fans who seek a Miku that sounds mature. The P.S.D remix of [Last Scene] is on my list, and it’s really good.

Kimi no boe, boku no boe/キミの声、ボクの声

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This video was done by Suzukake ‘something’/ 鈴掛ヨモギ, who is practically ignored/oblivious/unknown in the vocaloid community. Seems to focus on making soothing music, but somehow doesn’t get most of it correctly. This one was pretty likable and the usage of Append Soft maintained my interest as I listen to all of it. No known blog as of yet.

Promise of Love

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Collaboration work by BIRUGE and mckee. Nothing much to say here, just a bit surprised at BIRGUE collaborating in a cheerful work. His better known video would be [Nostalgic Rain] and some others in katakana >_>

Firstly, I thought this was done using Append Sweet, but it turns out to be the trial version of Append Soft. Proof that Append Sweet and Append Vivid (Most likely) are a sad excuse of an extension for Append Soft!


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[Rule] by M@SATOSHI. Famous for…Well, you know. I bet you know! D: He got way too many songs on my list, and I am pretty sure this is the fifth time I featured him on NC >_>

Still, no personal blog. Hopefully, he make one soon. I hate linking to piapro ;/

Yume no Enikki/夢の絵日記

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Lastly, [Dream Journal] by Azell!

Azell was originally an artist that works on arrange, remix and opera version of songs and BGM used in games and anime. He produced lots of remixes that caught my interest before Vocaloid 2 came out, so he’s like the artist I knew the longest. Just last year, he started to produce more and more Vocaloid videos, mostly featuring Luka.

Unlike majority of the artist in Nico Nico Douga, all of Azell’s vocaloid video ensure that their voices are not covered by the music he composed. (In the early days, there were a lot of people that use loud bass to cover the Vocaloid’s “awful” voice)

It’s glad to know that there are many experienced artist like Azell now in the Vocaloid fanbase, and even talented yet new artist like M@SATOSHI that have hop onto the vocaloid bandwagon. It seems like the future is going to be just fine…

And with this, I am done. Happy Birthday, Miku-chan!

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