Happy Birthday, Rin and Len!

Rin is just cute and Len is just annoying! Still, happy birthday to you guys =3

Happy third birthday!

All of you are welcome to the e-cakes and enjoy the party! This year, as per usual, there are way too many Len videos than Rin. (Which seriously irks me off! I mean, liek, Rin sounds so much better then Len!) As you all know that the Kagamine’s [Append Series] is released today to honor their release date, there are plenty of append videos here and there. Sadly, most of them sucks, and plenty of them being Len, so I had to make do with only some Rin…

iFrame Link

[TiAD], or [Tomorrow is Another Day], is done by takpin who recently joined the network and a dedicated Rin-only artist. He takes forever to release a new work, but the way he tune Rin to suit the music is perfect. His best work, which is titled [Rain] is in my list. Likewise, [TiAD] is the best song released for their birthday. For now, that is. We see what tomorrow brings…

iFrame Link

Next up, [Roman Candle] by meronteP/めろんてぃーP

A nice use of Rin’s ACT 1 in this particular song. Originally, this was supposed to be sung by Rin Append, but the artist could not save up enough money in time to purchase it, so we had to make do with this for now. His other more popular works include [Wanderland] and [Future Map/未来地図]. It seems like he had joined KarenT recently, so if you like his work, buy a track or two there!

And well, I am afraid that is all. To tell you the truth, I started writing this post at about 10pm, but I was hoping for more memorable Rin’s song. There was one on Kokoro, which was beautiful, but the PV was done by MMD. (Which I also hate with a passion)

Hopefully, in the next eighteen hours, I will see more songs to introduce on NC. Oh, by the way, whatever you do, don’t listen to the Len Append version of Air’s opening theme. It will rip your ear drums off, that I swear it will.

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