Happy Lunar New Year!

Yes, as you would expect, as always… a little late(I blame Netto who insists on being lazy)

Well, yes. Those who celebrate Chinese New Year(like me!), Ang Paos(money money money)! Well, if you thought Chinese New Year was all about Ang Paos and money, then you’re wrong! It’s really just visiting relatives whom you only see like… a few times in a year? Well, of course, people look forward to the Ang Paos that they get, it’s not really that important, and, more importantly, it’s not the money in the Ang Paos that count.

That’s right, it’s about the thought. The thought of giving an Ang Pao to you for visiting them. Yes. The purpose isn’t just to solely get Ang Paos.

To those that celebrate Chinese New Year, but didn’t went visiting relatives(or rather, those who stayed at home), you should really visit your relatives during this time. You rarely get to see them, and who knows, maybe, on the very same day, they might pass away, or maybe at a later date? It’s better to visit them while you still can!

Once again, I would like to wish all of you readers, a belated Happy Lunar New Year!

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