Haruhi Re-run New Episode Aired! Second Season To Begin!


It’s the time of truth. Haruhi Season 2 is official and has finally arrived on our doorsteps.

This is perhaps, the most important episode for the whole show thus far.

First, it started out as a rumour about Haruhi season two. Many where left disappointed when they finally realized that it was actually just a “re-run” of the first season, with the only difference is that the episodes are played out in chronological order.

Second, an announcement that restarted all the hype. On that very day, an announcement about a new episode for Haruhi will be aired in the re-run, instead of following what the first season was about. Everyone started speculating about whether it is true or not. Hotels gets extremely booked, just because Japanese people wants to be the first few people to catch the anime on the first TV station to air it.

Now, with the Sun Television from Hyōgo Prefecture being the first to air the anime, everybody has just lost their last bit of sanity (okay, i made that up) and went totally crazy over the anime. The next station that had aired the anime is Teletama station from Saitama Prefecture.

While I don’t have the whole video with me, here is some screen caps, courtesy of Sankaku Complex.

I won’t deny this. I feel as excited as the rest of the people are that running amok in the internet. It would also seem that 2ch had exploded (quite literally) too, with fans posting non-stop throughout the night. What an impact Haruhi-ism have caused.

Titled “Sasa no Rhapsody (Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody)”, this particular episode replaces the original episode 8 that was in the first season. Perhaps one of the most important story in the series, seeing that this is the episode where Kyon and Haruhi really met. If you’ve read the Light Novel before, you’ll probably understand what I’m saying. This is probably the start of the whole second season.

Who knows? Maybe the “re-run” only happened for the first 7 episodes, while the rest of the episodes are actually a second season!

Other than that, here’s the very awesome ED that every has to watch.

Remember to watch it in HD!

Now that both of Kyoto Animation’s killer animations (Haruhi and K-ON!) are out, I’m not sure who to support already. I mean, Yui is awesome and all, but Haruhi is awesome too… I’m completely torn between the two animes!

On another note, I’ll try to grab a link somewhere to the episode, stay tuned!


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