Hatsune Miku Reaches 39,390 On Facebook, Getting Dedicated English Voicebanks

Last month at the New York Anime Festival, it was revealed during a panel Crypton Future Media, the creator behind the highly successful Vocaloid2 series has plans to bring their virtual idol, Hatsune Miku, into the English community by allowing her to sing in proper English.

While there had been many attempts to allow Vocaloid characters to sing in English, many would agree that the Japanese voicebanks aren’t accurate enough to replicate proper English songs. However, with Crypton Future Media’s new project about bringing Hatsune Miku to the English community with dedicated English voicebanks, people wouldn’t need to rely on the Japanese voicebanks to sing English songs anymore!

The catch? Fans would have to show their interest through liking Hatsune Miku’s own Facebook page. Once the targeted 39,390 likes have been reached, Crypton Future Media will announce the English version of Hatsune Miku. That goal was reached less than a day ago!

A fun fact: the number “39” can either mean “mi-ku” or “san-kyuu”. This number was also used during the Hatsune Miku concert that was held in Japan sometime ago.

According to sources, Fujita Saki (original Hatsune Miku CV) has went into recording studios a couple of times to record for voice samples for the English voicebanks of Hatsune Miku. It was mentioned that she had started studying and learning English phonetics at the request of Crypton, and that was sometime before the campaign had been announced! Talk about the support from fans even when Crypton had already started on the English Hatsune Miku project!

Further announcements of the English Vocaloid Project will be announced later this week. Keep a look out for it!


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