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Taiga is appalled that the newspaper of today are not presented in a manga form!

Newspaper are often boring as it’s just walls of text over and over again, right? How would you wish that the news around the world would be presented in a much enjoyable form. Something like… say, what do you think of news being presented in a form of manga?

In an effort to get more people to read news these days, KaBa Net, a net service company has recently started off on Thursday on a service which provides readers with daily news in a form of a manga. Yes, that’s right. News will be reported using manga as a medium, and the news article usually lasts 4 frames to 8 frames long, covering 1 to 2 pages at max.

Named as “Manga de Yomu News: Manga no Shimbun”, which translates to “News Read Through Manga: The Manga Newspaper”, the site will report news from different sectors, such as politics, business, international news, society, art, sports and some special features of the newspaper.


An example of how news would be presented in manga form.

As of now, the site has started on a trial run with several “manga articles”. The articles that were covered includes the recent launching of missiles done by North Korea, as well as the upcoming Bullet Train models that Japan might adopt.

You can check out the website here.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the moe kind of art-style here, you’ll be sorely disappointed. While it’s certainly in the form of manga, the site’s intention is still to deliver news to the general public in a more entertaining manner. The art is probably mediocre as compared to what we see these days, but it’s the news that counts. A small team of mangaka were hired for the job, and we shouldn’t expect too much as they would probably need to draw several articles in a single day to cover the huge variety of news that would appear.

Via: ANN.

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