Hiiragi Kagami — Hatsune Miku Cosplay Figma!


Right after the Nendo comes the Figma. After being out of stock due to overwhelming orders, Kagami’s cosplay of Hatsune Miku is available once again.

I’m sure there’s not much details that I’ve got to go into about this figma. After all, she sports the same… err… arsenal as Miku does. Comes with an 2 faces and a couple of different sets of hands.

If you’ve got a Figma Miku, remember to place Kagami Miku and Miku together for an epic battle!

I’ll leave you guys to the screens, enjoy!

Now that I think about it… I actually prefer the Figma more than the Nendo, even if the Nendo version actually looks cuter…

Source: AkibaHobby.

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