“Hikikomori” Is Now An Oxford English Dictionary Entry!

Look out for Kyou’s dictionaries!

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday — well, not until you get yourself one of these dictionaries anyway, “Hikkomori” is now an official entry in the Oxford Dictionary of English! Being one of the 2,000 new entries in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure people these days are well-versed in the meanings of Hikikomori.

In case you don’t know what it means, it generally means the abnormal avoidance of social contact and is generally used and popularized by Japanese. Being a Japanese coined word by nature, it’s incredibly surprising when this word is being put into an English Dictionary!

This is not the first time a Japanese word has been put into the English dictionary, however. Words like “otaku” and “karoshi” was entered into the dictionary since the second revision of the dictionary. There are several other English-coined words such as “frenemy” — a definition which describes a friend who is also a potential enemy.

As we go along with the Japanese trending, I’m pretty sure we’ll see more and more Japanese terms landing in dictionaries. Maybe korean words would appear in there too, considering the k-wave that is going around these days…

Via: Breitbart.

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