Hollywood’s Full Metal Panic — Too early to say?


When DB meets FMP. Sauce.

Certainly, Hollywood is indeed planning a live action adaptation of the popular comedy-mecha series, Full Metal Panic. However, lucky for us fans, there’s some good news coming.

Everyone has expressed their dismay one way or another, partly due to the fact that Zac Efron might be starring as the main character in the movie, and DB: Evolution (another live action adaptation of the popular Dragon Ball series) has been a complete flunk.

However, Zac Efron himself have expressed that it’s really too early to say anything about the show, because of the fact that the possiblity of the adaptation happening is “more likely not to happen” as of now.  He have stated, however, that he is a avid comic books and manga fan since he was a kid.

Thoughts? Of course this is good news. Some of the good things in life just have to stay as it is. I thought it was rather weird that Hollywood was making a Dragon Ball movie, and it turned out really weird. Some of the characters potrayed in the show doesn’t even fit the actual characters in the original series!

I wouldn’t totally dismiss the fact that it wouldn’t happen. I would totally go for a Hollywood adaptation of FMP, as long as they have the correct casts and proper storyline… and of course, lots of mecha CG! That’s what Hollywood is good for, anyway!

On another note, Arblest looks better than all the other Gundams out there!

Source: ANN.


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