How To Get Banned From Xbox Live Till Year 9999

Getting banned till the year 9999 isn’t exactly news, but that’s definitely the first when it comes to Microsoft’s online console game service, Xbox Live. How does a poor person get banned from year 9999 anyway?

Well, it takes a certain special kind of person doing a special action on a special game. Apparently, a concerned parent went to the Xbox Community Forums to ask for an explanation as to why her son was banned from Xbox Live. She typed in the forums, “Would be helpful if someone could enlighten me as to why he has been suspended until 31/12/9999 without notification” and was promptly replied with a… extremely sad yet hilarious comment.

And nah, it’s nothing to do with cheating! Microsoft doesn’t ban cheaters till 9999!

Yes, you saw that right. Exposing oneself during a game on Uno. I’m starting to think that the year 9999 is not enough for this kid!

Via: Kotaku.

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