i.Saw: More Than A Prank; Deep Meanings Behind


Remember that i.Saw that I’ve posted about? That one where you could use your USB to powered it up and saw through anything that you might imagine of?

Although it screams “fake!” everywhere, it seems that those who actually bothered to sign-up for their fake pre-order will receive a heads-up on the real deal (which is not a saw), and to be honest here, it’s definitely more than a prank.

If you’ve do the “pre-order” for i.Saw, it’s actually a sort of mailing list for the upcoming software that you can download for your PC. Named PaperCut, i.Saw is a sort of a pre-release site for the program that PaperCut had released.

PaperCut, a name which represents both the company and program is actually an initiative done by a Singapore company to promote awareness of environment. While i.Saw promotes the so-called “portable chainsaw”, PaperCut promotes the fact that you’re owning one of these chainsaws already: your Keyboard.

Here’s the message from PaperCut if you’ve signed up with them:


True, in a sense.

If you sit down and think a little, it’s quite true that your keyboard is sort of like a chainsaw. You have to type on your keyboard before you send something for printing, and this in turn will use paper, and everyone knows where paper comes from.

So, in order to “remind” you about the environment, this program is designed to play the sound of a chainsaw each time you send a word document for printing.

While this is not exactly the best way to remind people about cutting down the paper usage as the chainsaw sound get annoying after awhile, it’s certainly some of the most creative way to inform anyone due to the close relationship of trees and chainsaw.

This application will cost you about 28MB of space and the chainsaw sound will only play whenever the application is active. You can disable it at anytime you like, so there’s no harm testing this application out.

Download Links:

PC — Official Link.

Mac — Official Link.

Kudos, PaperCut Team.

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