Illusion Introduces Some Revolutionary Eroge Technologies

Even in the eroge industry, technology continues to advance at an extremely rapid pace. Illusion, one of the more well known eroge company out there had recently shown the world the amazing technologies that they are putting into the game with Real Kanojo.

Featuring realistic-looking models, as well as web-cam to game interactivity, Illusion is undoubtedly one of the more adventurous companies out there (with the motto of Impression, Inspiration & Innovation), always putting new technologies into their games. And their latest innovation? A peripheral that simulates whatever you do onto the screen (in an eroge way, of course)!

NSFW video located below:

Somewhat like how Cross Days’ promotion had went, except it’s a lot more interactive than whatever the promotion Cross Days had tried to bring across. There a variety of functions (it’s to make it as “real” as possible, i guess) with the equipment too. However, the video is simply a tech demo, nothing more. That means it’s not decided if the peripheral will even make it into retail stores.

Asides from the pretty laggy response you see in the video — which is to be expected, how fast you want things to be read anyway? — there’s probably a whole lot of benefits one could think up of by using this piece of equipment. I’m guessing that the amount of singles in Japan would inevitably increase if this peripheral does go retail!



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