Internet Leaks: The Real Xbox 360 Slim?

You might be wondering if Microsoft is ever gonna come up with another revision of their successful game console, the Xbox 360. With Sony revising their game console to a slim version and beating the crap out of other consoles in terms of sales, it looks like Microsoft has decided that it’s time for them to do something.

The video above is spotted at an Italian game website and is actually an advertisement for the supposedly new Xbox 360 Slim version. As you can probably see in the video, it sports a new look and it looks like the current Xbox 360 facepalms wouldn’t be compatible with the new Xbox 360.

Not much details is known about the so-called new Xbox 360 although it’s mentioned that the system will feature in-built Wi-Fi support. This means you wouldn’t need to shell out 100 bucks for Microsoft’s ridiculously priced wireless adapter. Other details about the system, such as specifications, pricing and date of availability might be available soon through Microsoft’s press conference which will take place in a couple of hours.

Well, assuming that this IS the Xbox 360 Slim or something.

Via: Siliconera.


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