Isshoni Series Promotional Video Streamed

You guys haven’t forgotten who is Hinako, right? Well, even if you’ve forgotten, no worries! Primastea has recently started streaming a 200 seconds promotional video in anticipation of it’s latest installment in the Isshoni series: Isshoni Training 026 (or known as, Bathing with Hinako).

The 200 seconds promotional video covers all three installments of the Isshoni Training series with Isshoni Training which started it all, followed by Isshoni Sleeping, which allowed you to sleep with Hinako and finally, Isshoni Training 026, which allows you to literally “bath” with Hinako and her new friend, Hiyoko. If you’re only interested in Bathing with Hinako, you can skip all the previous installments by jumping to 1min 36 seconds on the promotional video itself.

Isshoni Training 026 will be released on the 24th of December this year. Makes an excellent Christmas Eve gift for any of your friends!

EDIT: Well, apparently YouTube decided to remove the video due to Sexual and Nudity content in the trailer… I guess you know what it means!

EDIT 2: Found the Nico Video streaming link! Enjoy watching!

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