IT News & Computer News Now As Manga!


It seems that newspapers are taking off into the internet very soon!

Just when you thought that having your daily news in a form of manga was great, how about having your IT and Computer news in a form of manga too?

Japanese company, Trend-Pro has recently launched a new kind of news manga called the Nihon IT Manga Shimbun, which translates to Japan IT Manga Newspaper. The service has been launched since the 12th of November and this Manga Newspaper will be covering all sorts of IT and Computer related news.

In the first few days of it’s operation, the service which is offered through their website has since covered quite an amount of articles ranging from the image-based pixpedia encyclopedia to Firefox’s fifth anniversary. A variety of articles are being covered by this manga newspaper, and you can view them in detail in this following link.

Each article has an average of about 2 pages per article, and unlike the other manga newspapers which are currently running, the Nihon IT Manga Shimbun features all kinds of art style, ranging from moe art to serious kind of art. Worth a read, if you know how to read Japanese!

There are other companies running these manga newspapers too, and all of them are distributed online. For more information on these manga newspapers that other companies offers, you can drop by this link and check it out.

Via: ANN.

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