It’s A Wrap: Anime Festival Asia X — Day One

Anime Festival Asia, one of the biggest anime events in South East Asia, is a two days event which plays hosts to a wide variety of influential and important figures of the Japanese anime scene. Day one has recently concluded (which was actually yesterday) and day two will be happening in less than couple hours from the publishing of this post.

In comparison to the previous years of AFA, AFAX does seems to be bigger and less confusing to go around. The queue for this year’s AFA is extremely long that it actually extends all the way to third floor of the building when the event is actually on the fourth floor! That’s gotta say something about the popularity of the event itself!

There was also the display of itasha cars around the whole of AFA. There wasn’t a wide variety of cars, but it’s not something you would see everything in Singapore.

That’s Project DIVA Arcade there. Lots of people!

While the focus of Gundam is undeniable in the previous two AFA events, Gundams seems to see a smaller role in this year’s event. Instead, it seems that Good Smile Company’s booth is significantly bigger than the other booths! There’s also a number of arcade titles around the event, such as Project Diva arcade which has a wait time of over 60 minutes per person!

Milky Holmes Appearance

Bushiroad was on stage to introduce a particular anime series called Milky Holmes to the audience. The seiyuus of Milky Holmes was brought on stage to do several dance performances to the anime’s opening and it was later revealed that Milky Holmes will also be receiving a PSP adaptation.

Live Dubbing of Kana Hanazawa

Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable stage events that had happened during AFAX’s day one is probably the live dubbing session of Kana Hanazawa. She is extremely well-known for her role as Tenshi (or Kanade) from Angel Beats! and in AFA X, has been invited down to do a couple of Q&A and Live Dubbing for her fans.

Like the live dubbing session with K-ON! in 2009, Kana had dubbed the last (and emotional) scene of Angel Beats during the event. She then later proceeded to dub as Mato from Black Rock Shooter, after which the president of Good Smile Company made some pretty interesting announcements!

Information from GSC Talk

Danny had introduced the president of Good Smile Company on stage to talk a little about Black Rock Shooter (and his Mirai-chan, although it took a few tries). During the talk, it is revealed that GSC has plans to bring huke, the illustrator for BRS down to AFA next year. You can probably treat this as an official announcement for AFA11!

I forgot to mention this too: BRS is planning on getting an OVA sequel. I’ll make a post about this later on.

Other than that, there was some mention about the president himself wanting to do some BRS cosplay and would give a treat to everyone if he is unable to cosplay as a character from BRS next year!

I Love Anisong

The final and most epic event of the day is probably the I Love Anisong concert. Spanning a good length of 3 hours long, the concert plays host to both JAM PROJECT and Ichirou Mizuki (or better known as Aniki).

For the first one hour and a half, JAM PROJECT entertained the crowd with both their music and their (according to them) terrible English. The English wasn’t all that bad though!

Playing through a wide variety of series and songs, the whole concert was filled with energy, backed by the fan’s cheers and shouts, and JAM’s own songs and intermission talks about how awesome their experience has been with the crowd. The only slight issue the concert has was probably the sound quality, as many a times the speakers were literally screeching, causing slight discomfort to the ears.

The next part of the concert was definitely easier on the ears (whether it’s aniki’s own songs or if the sound technicians have thought better) but was no less than epic. Bringing about a whole bunch of songs that most fans in the 90s would know, Aniki manages to bring both the new and old generation of anime fans together with his powerful vocals.

And oh, before I forgot, Hatsune Miku appeared during the concert yet again this year, and that was a totally unexpected appearance. The length of the appearance wasn’t long (like 2009’s event), but it was actually quite a nice addition!

There’s definitely more happenings in Day one than those that are mentioned above, but those are some of the more important highlights of the event itself. Day two is happening real soon, and if you have yet to drop by, you should do so soon!

More photos will follow after the conclusion of AFAX!

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