It’s April Fool’s And NotCliche’s 2nd Birthday!

Can you name everyone here?

Well, as learned from last year’s experience, while it’s not necessary April Fool’s yet (curse you timezones) for some, it’s definitely is for me. Unfortunately, unlike the un-ingenious I’ve got last time, I don’t really have anything for this year.

On the other hand, April Fool’s day happens to be the day where the first post of NotCliche got up. Yes, 1st April. You can check out the date yourself at this link. Of course, if you’ve read the first post, you’ll probably notice that NotCliche has deviated a little from it’s original set path (like covering MMORPGs regularly), but I guess it’s for the better. After all, we don’t have all the time in the world to playtest MMORPGs all the time.

Technically speaking, NotCliche has only really been alive for a year or so, since NC actually saw a huge period of inactivity until early April 2009, but still, if you look strictly at a date to date basis, I guess NC is really two years old now! Time really flies, don’t you think?

With the next obligatory stats post around the corner, there’s barely any reason for me to type any stats or anything like that, all the charts and numbers aren’t exactly the best of things on a person (or site’s) birthday, right? While NC is 2 years old now, I guess we’re still considered young in a sense (don’t think otherwise) and there’s still quite a long way to go!

For the better or the worse, having the site created on an April Fool’s day is still pretty… ah well. *despairs in a corner*

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