Japan Surprise: NDS R4 Vending Machines


Asides from the scenery, the culture and all the other things that makes up uniquely Japan, there’s actually another extremely prominent thing that exists all over Japan.

Yep, that’s right. That thing’s is called the Vending machine, which exists throughout Japan in all sorts of shape and sizes.

Vending machines in most countries are the mundane kind of machines that dispense drinks, snacks, and sometimes game consoles. But Japan brings them into a whole new level.

Japan’s vending machine can literally sell anything. Anything meaning things ranging from the normal drinks, snacks to cigarettes and even panties! However, that’s not the main thing here. Some machines in Akihabara and Osaka’s Den-Den Town seems to be carrying something far more awesome — R4 Cartridges.

For the uninformed, R4 Cartridges are something that you would use with your Nintendo DS. This allows softwares to be ran in your Nintendo DS. In most people’s case, they would simply download the .nds ROM file for the game, load it into the R4 Cartridge and fire up the game on their DS.


The revolution of NDS is in your hands!

As many would have know, NDS remains to be the handheld console with the most volume of sales in Japan. Knowing that, Nintendo is coming down hard on the sales of R4 by making it illegal to buy R4s that are made in China. Yahoo Auctions have also banned the sales of the R4 cartridges.

However, even bans can’t reach everywhere. Apparently, someone or some company still has some excessive stocks of R4, and they think that it’s a good idea to have it on sale on some vending machines. And guess what, it worked incredibly well, seeing that most vending machines have their stocks sold out!

Via: Kotaku.

Wonder what the vending machines can sell next. Maybe someone would start placing figurines in one of those machines soon…

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